CO30 is a private website for gays, lesbians, bi-women and bi-men, transgender* and all other sexual identities aged 30 +/- years, who discover that they feel attracted to a person of one’s own sex.


It does not matter if you've already been aware of it for a while or just discovered it. Whoever you are - single or in a straight marriage/relationship, gay fathers or lesbian mothers, this is the place where you can exchange with men and women who are in a similar life situation.


Are you afraid of other people's reactions? When can you be sure about your sexual orientation? What is the right time for a coming out?

In this forum can also find stories from people who have had their coming out already and who shared their experience. These experiences may help you to gain clarity for your own situation.


Also, people whose partner suddenly changes her/his sexual orientation can exchange here and find people who are in a similar position.


You need to register with a valid email address to be able to write into this forum. The chat function is possible to be used with a nickname and password.


I'm looking forward to a lively exchange - your Maks